Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's been a while

Well I've started PT for what turns out to be my hammy's tendon. It has too much scar tissue. So Terry is sticking needles in my hamstring and working the tendon. It is feeling slightly better, but I want results now! I know I should be patient, and let it work itself out. Still it is hard to do that.

I'm following Pete's schedule for Big Horn, and I hope that I'm up for it in about a month and a week. The good thing is that I'm finally on the entrants list. I was getting really worried.

So the next 5-6 weeks will be filled with running , stretching, and needles:)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well....It turns out that I have a hole in my heart. Good news is that they won't close it up. It was most likely the cause of my episode, but they can't say that for sure.

Personally...the year has not gone well. I'm lacking my running mojo. Not that I'm not wanting to run, but I've been sucking balls at it recently. Maybe there is a Viagra for running. I know it is just a phase, and will cycle itself through. Maybe when spring comes all will be anew. Either that or I'll be stepping on a bunch of rattlesnakes with my luck!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's up with January?!

Well things haven't gone well this month. First my aching ass, then missing Ghost Town, and then the scary week.

Last Wednesday I was talking to another mom at preschool when all of a sudden I developed tunnel vision, and my head went blank and I couldn't get any words to come out of my mouth. This last for all of 3-4 minutes. I went to the doctor and they sent me for an immediate MRI. Luckily that came back clear. My GP told me I shouldn't drive until the diagnosis was in or 6 months, whichever came first. I went to a neurologist on Monday, and he was pretty sure that it was a migrain, but wanted more tests to be sure. Luckily the neurologist said that he didn't see why I shouldn't be able to drive. Not that I drive a ton, but with Chris working so much driving can be at time extremely convenient. Thank goodness the month is almost over!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yeah my butt feels better!

So for the past two to three months I've had issues with my piriformis. It has been irritating. It feels like a sore muscle. I could still run on it, but I was not setting any records to say the least. So per my friend Pete's suggestion, I started sitting on tennis balls, and per my friend Dana's suggestion, I've been stretching it religiously every night. I wouldn't say it is a 100%, but it is 80% better. At least Chris won't come home from Trinidad to hear me whine about my aching ass.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to test this breakthrough at Ghost Town this weekend. I am slightly bummed, because I think I could have given it a good go. I do hope Marie kicks some major piriformis, and takes the thing. She's a much more talented runner than she gives herself credit for.

Technically, I've started training for the Colorado marathon, but my first week was a wash, though this week has gone much better. Maybe because my butt feels better. As of right now, I'm worried that sub 3 might not be an option this May. I'm sticking with the plan, and going to go day by day.