Friday, July 27, 2012

Hooray...a decent Towers Accent

My parents were nice enough to watch the kiddos last night, so I was finally able to attend Towers Time Trial Thursday.  I've been running a LOT of flat road lately.  Mostly because poor Chris has been traveling like a mad man this summer.  He's almost at Silver on his frequent flier miles.  Back to Towers...since I wasn't feeling to speedy on hills decided to go with the 45 min group.  Even in bad shape I could pull that off.  The 45 min group ended up being Mary and myself.  We took it easy on Swan Johnson.  Mary started falling behind somewhere around Stout (though she still ran in the low 41's...if she'd quit cursing out loud she'd be under 40 for sure:)).  It didn't feel like I was pushing myself too too hard so I was pleasantly surprised to touch the building in 39:14.  My first time under 40 in (I had to look it up)  2 and half years.  No where near my PR, but I'm really happy.  Maybe I would have been under 39 if I hadn't stopped to slap Tony in the head for not wearing his helmet.  Now off to Booty Camp:)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Crappy Blogger

As I have said before....I'm a crappy blogger.  Sometimes I forget that I even have a blog.  Not that I mind sharing my insight and intellect (as thin as they might be) with folks, but I've never been the greatest writer.

News in my life...I ran the Colorado Marathon a week and a half ago.  It wasn't my most stellar performance, but I still finished in 3:15:xx.  I definitely went out too fast, and both my calves were tugging after mile 2.  I hit the 10kish mark in 38:30ish.  There wasn't a actual 10K it's a guesstimate.  I led for the first 10 miles...don't ask me what I was thinking...I couldn't tell you.  At the end,  my calves had blown up.  Besides that I felt great cardio wise.  We headed over to our friends' house for brunch.  My stomach felt iffy, but I decided that I needed calories.  I had two pieces of bread and a mimosa, when it HIT me.  I had to leave!  I went home, and stayed there in bed for around 30 hours.  I ate my first FULL meal on Tuesday afternoon.  Lovely. 

I was sore.  On Wednesday, I decide to go for a recovery jog.  Made it 1/4 of a mile or so.  I had a shooting pain up both my calves.  On Thursday, I tried again, made it across the street.  Quadrock was not looking so good.  I wen to Terry's office and met with David.  After doing some diagnostic work with an ASTEM(sp?) toolio, he said my soleus on both calves had been torn.  Quadrock was out, but I was able to volunteer.  At least I felt useful,  since I worked most of the day and evening. 

I was a good chica and took the time off.  I ran up Horsetooth yesterday, and another 7 on the road today.  Systems seem to be a go.

I will try to be a better blogger...but in all honesty...I like to talk on the phone more.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 is going to be a great running year!!!

I finished my first week of training, and I must say that it went quite well. I finished just under 71 miles for the week, and it felt like 40. That must be a sign from mother earth right?

After my long run with Sarah this weekend, I feel like a trail queen. We ran 18 on the trail at a good speed, and I was still able to knock out 6 at recovery (8:35 pace) like Saturday had not happened! It's a sign right?!

I guess I'll believe what I want to!

M: 5.55
T: 8 w/ 4 in intervals 4/ pm
W: 7.42
Th: 7 (Towers) / 5.55 pm
F: 9.41 (got lost)
Sat: 18 on Blue Sky
Sun: 6 recovery

Total: 70.93