Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 months later!

I guess I should blog again.

Well. I'm running with out a plan right now. I've had several great run this week where I was running comfortablely in the mid 7's for mid long runs. I guess it is time to set up a goal race. Not that I'm not going to have a good time at Blue Sky;), but I'm obviously not in top form at this moment. My training has been erratic since the Colorado marathon, but I think I've maintained my fitness well enough that it is time to base build.

I've set my goal race for next year....Big Horn 100!!! Now I have my goal on base building for the next 3 months. I hope to have a massive mileage month in November of 450+. Let's hope all goes well. I'm still in the midst of developing a plan, but I'm sure I can inlist the help of my friends Pete, Ray K, Jason?! I think the race is awesome ....I know the course, and can try to maintain similar terrain (I hope) in training, and all will be well.