Friday, July 27, 2012

Hooray...a decent Towers Accent

My parents were nice enough to watch the kiddos last night, so I was finally able to attend Towers Time Trial Thursday.  I've been running a LOT of flat road lately.  Mostly because poor Chris has been traveling like a mad man this summer.  He's almost at Silver on his frequent flier miles.  Back to Towers...since I wasn't feeling to speedy on hills decided to go with the 45 min group.  Even in bad shape I could pull that off.  The 45 min group ended up being Mary and myself.  We took it easy on Swan Johnson.  Mary started falling behind somewhere around Stout (though she still ran in the low 41's...if she'd quit cursing out loud she'd be under 40 for sure:)).  It didn't feel like I was pushing myself too too hard so I was pleasantly surprised to touch the building in 39:14.  My first time under 40 in (I had to look it up)  2 and half years.  No where near my PR, but I'm really happy.  Maybe I would have been under 39 if I hadn't stopped to slap Tony in the head for not wearing his helmet.  Now off to Booty Camp:)