Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ghost Town 38.5 2011

Well....I have to say that my running is off to a much better start this year than last year. Last year began with me dropping from the entrants at GT due to a lack of babysitter. Than medical issues, and injuries...BOOOOOOOO! I was determined to not repeat a bad start.

All of that said....I went to Hillsboro 15 pounds over my race weight...crap...I weighed more that Nick Pedatella. I was also SEVERELY undertrained. Since I can't run by myself, I decided to make it a fun run with my friend Kristel....which it turned out to be till mile 32ish. We still finished in great shape and tied for 2nd woman OA.

This was awesome, due to the fun time I had with great freinds, but little did I know the best was yet to come. The best was that I was totally recovered by Tuesday, and I had my best week of running in over a year! My hammy is feeling 98%, and more importantly I feel mentally there! I'm ready to wupp some ass, in a nice way of course!

Ghost Town started off the year in best way possible! Thanks to Kristel, Pete, Nick, Nick's sister, Mary, Jen, Jim, Chris G., Kari, Susan, Matt, and everyone else. A SUPER GRACIAS to my Chris my hubby for heading up the home front! Te amo!

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