Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 is going to be a great running year!!!

I finished my first week of training, and I must say that it went quite well. I finished just under 71 miles for the week, and it felt like 40. That must be a sign from mother earth right?

After my long run with Sarah this weekend, I feel like a trail queen. We ran 18 on the trail at a good speed, and I was still able to knock out 6 at recovery (8:35 pace) like Saturday had not happened! It's a sign right?!

I guess I'll believe what I want to!

M: 5.55
T: 8 w/ 4 in intervals 4/ pm
W: 7.42
Th: 7 (Towers) / 5.55 pm
F: 9.41 (got lost)
Sat: 18 on Blue Sky
Sun: 6 recovery

Total: 70.93

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